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Explanation of the extent and limitations of a survey.

A structural survey is defined by the R.I.C.S. as:

"The inspection of visible, exposed and accessible parts of the fabric of a building under consideration"

Ideally, the building should be unoccupied and completely empty of furniture and floor coverings. This is seldom the situation and we therefore undertake an inspection to a depth that is practical in the circumstances found on site to avoid damage to the building and it's contents or the cost of the excessive time/risks to health etc.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to confirm that all such covered, inaccessible or otherwise hidden parts of the building are free from fungal decay, beetle infestation or other defects.

The structural / building survey and report will concentrate on the building construction and then less significant items (such as kitchen and bathroom fittings, internal decorations etc) using available equipment. A visual inspection of the services installations will be carried out only.

The Chartered Building Surveyor is not an expert and is not qualified in the market valuing of buildings or building services installation.

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