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What is a Structural / Building Survey?

A structural/ building survey report is not an R.I.C.S house buyers report.

A house buyers report is used to provide a general picture of a building’s state of repair & value and is typically compiled on a standard form. In comparison with a structural/ building survey, a house buyers report is relatively quick to carry out but many important details including likely maintenance burdens are omitted.

In view of the great variety of building types, designs and construction methods, no simple pro-forma can convey effective, balanced and complete advice. In most circumstances a prospective purchaser is better served by a more detailed structural/ building survey.

A structural/ building survey is generally regarded as a more detailed investigation of a building and the report is factual and written in simple terms by a Chartered Building Surveyor.

A structural/ building survey report provides a record of the construction and materials used, broad appraisal of the condition, advice on necessary repairs or modifications required to remedy defects, disadvantages in relation to today’s recommended standards, describes further investigations necessary to support a firm opinion and, general advice as to the suitability of the building for the intended use.

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